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Ants 4 Aerials is a family-run business local to Warminster, Wiltshire, which means we know exactly how to install, position and align your TV aerial or satellite dish to ensure the very best reception. We know the local geography, and we’re experts in digital technology, so we’re able to clearly put you in the picture, whether you are receiving a signal through a Freeview box or pay TV.

We also have many years’ experience in installing and setting up Satellite TV equipment, and can provide additional cabling and sockets in any room of your house so you can enjoy watching television anywhere you choose.

Many Warminster viewers complain that their digital television picture becomes pixelated or freezes. Other indications of bad TV reception include ghosting on the screen, sound dropping out or a snowy picture. We’re able to check all the cables and receivers to ensure you are receiving the optimum signal available, and diagnose why the problem is occurring.

After 10 years in business erecting and maintaining TV aerials in Warminster, the friendly, reliable Ants 4 Aerials team have dealt with all sorts of issues.

Some of the most common problems that affect aerials and satellite dishes are obstacles (a tree or perhaps a newly constructed building) in the path of the signal coming in from the transmitter; incorrect alignment; a transmitter fault or maintenance; and damage to cables and hardware due to bad weather. We are able to successfully resolve or repair most problems without having to resort to replacing equipment like an antenna, unless it is severely damaged or too old.

If you live in Warminster and have an old TV aerial designed for analogue reception it will probably not receive digital signals properly because the frequencies are not the same.

Interference with TV reception in Warminster can sometimes be caused by weather conditions, such as high atmospheric pressure, high wind, or heavy rain. In fact, the layman seldom realises that even though you may normally receive a good picture, your digital TV tuner may actually be processing a very weak signal. A minor drop in the signal strength – like that caused by bad weather or an obstacle in the path of the signal from the transmitter – could send the reception over the edge, below the threshold where the tuner can decode the digital signal, and your picture will lose quality or drop out altogether. Older aerials can also be affected by impulse interference coming from electrical equipment, such as your boiler or appliances, or even passing traffic and lawnmowers.

In most cases upgrading to a new appropriately powerful aerial, carefully sited, will eradicate these sorts of problems.

Contact Ants 4 Aerials any time you need assistance with your TV viewing in Warminster. We’re available seven days a week, and are even happy to come and help you on Sundays.

Call us today on 01985 810013

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We use metered and signal diagnostics to identify faults and problems.



Repair & Maintenance

We offer a FREE signal check to identify poor reception & pixilation problems. Call us to ensure you are getting all your Freeview channels from your existing aerial.


Digital Aerial & Satellite installations

We supply and install an extensive range of quality satellite and digital tv aerials that will allow your home to receive the latest FreeSat and Freeview channels.


Extra TV points

We can install extra tv points in all areas of your property, Kitchen, Bedrooms that you can enjoy digital television throughout your home.